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Rep Talk

Young Artist at Repertory Theatre

Rep Artist

“I am an artist.” With this positive, affirming statement Niamh O’Connell introduced herself to me. Niamh has created the poster for Repertory Theatre’s December production of ‘Red Riding Hood’ and we’re thrilled with her handiwork.

Born and raised in Whanganui, Niamh attended Durie Hill School, Wanganui Intermediate School and has just completed her final year at Wanganui High School. Always interested in art, Niamh has won five trophies for her art work, one from primary school and four from Wanganui High School. Read more

Fresh Faces at Rep

Rep Talk by Nadine Rayner

An injection of youthful talent is enlivening rehearsals of Roger Hall’s ‘Red Riding Hood’. Several of the cast are Wanganui High School students who’re breathing fresh life onto the stage.

Two of these young adults are Konrad Shaw and Brylee Noble who play the duo of Boris and Morris, zookeepers, Ches and Dale and other parts where they ‘help’ Lance the man from DOC. Both Brylee and Konrad demonstrate easy versatility as they transition from one part to another. Read more

Rep Talk Oct 16 – New Beginnings


Chuckles galore as the newly selected cast of Roger Hall’s ‘Red Riding Hood’ met to have their first read through of Repertory Theatre’s end of year production, a pantomime, full of old and new gags. It will be interesting to see what current references director Colin Hedivan chooses to incorporate in this production. Global warming? Whanganui’s wastewater treatment plant? Local body elections and their outcomes may provide amusing fodder for a pantomime as well. Read more

Reptalk 27th May

Reptalk 27th Wed

The Two One Act Comedys are underway with rehearsals for both going strong this week and managing two plays at once is a big ask, but its going well.
‘Last Respects’ is looking good, with Frances Brown directing and Phil Portland assisting as her mentor. Pace, movements and delivery is creating energy for this short but very funny play that gives the cast a chance to become larger than life and have fun with their character. Read more

RepTalk – May 20th

RepTalk, May 20th Midweek Newspaper.

We are on our way with the two One Act Plays, Last Repects directed by Frances Brown and That Scottish Play directed by Phil Hudson. We had good attendance at auditions where all roles were well cast and we all had a few chuckles. Rehearsals started on Tuesday, and its great to fire the theatre up again with something different, and the directors are working well with their casts. Read more

Reptalk – The Importance of Being Earnest

We have another play under our belt, and with this one in particular, Repertory has more than risen to the challenge to present a well-loved classic play in a vibrant and polished production. It was utterly delightful to hear, each night from the wings, the laughter from the audience at Wilde’s deliciously witty dialogue, still fresh and relevant almost a hundred and twenty years after it was written Read more

Countdown to LOOT

The countdown is on to opening night for LOOT and we’ve all been working especially hard this week to ensure this play is everything that Wanganui audiences come to expect from a show at Repertory. The cast and crew have been working tirelessly to achieve a slick and polished performance and, come opening night, this work will have hopefully paid off. Read more

April Reptalk

LOOT is well underway at Rep, the set looks wonderful, wardrobe is in hand, and the great cast are putting in the time required at rehearsals to get things perfect. Technical rehearsals start shortly so that always tells us all that opening night is coming ! Read more

False Teeth Wanted

With opening night just over three weeks away, the pressure is now on for the cast and crew of our upcoming production of Joe Orton’s classic black comedy “Loot”. Fortunately everyone is “putting in the hard graft”, and the whole rehearsal process is proving to be, once again, a very enjoyable experience. Read more

Farewell Glenn

Repertory’s current production Beverly Hill Billies is Glenn Cameron’s last show to be directed in Wanganui before he relocates. Glenn has directed over 46 shows, and is next to act in Jack and the Beanstalk at AmDram before he leaves the river city. The Hillbillies is a show he has always wanted to direct and this was his last chance to do it in Wanganui. Read more

The Beverly Hillbillies

A great turnout…

A huge thanks to all the people who came along to our auditions for “LOOT” on Sunday – it was terrific to see some new faces (as well as a few old ones as well!). At the time of writing, we haven’t quite completed casting on this brilliant play, but should be in a position to announce the full cast in next week’s Reptalk – so watch this space! Read more

Hillbillies Going with a Swing!

It’s all go down at Repertory at the moment with rehearsals for our upcoming production of “The Beverly Hillbillies” in full swing. The cast are really enjoying rehearsals, especially the dynamic directorial style of Glenn Cameron and already the play is shaping up very nicely indeed, with Act One fully blocked already. Read more

Back to Work!

2013 promises to be a very big year for Repertory with four major, diverse productions being staged to celebrate our eightieth anniversary. More about the coming year’s line-up over the next few weeks, but initially we cast our mind to the production in hand. With barely time to catch our breath after Christmas and New Year celebrations, it’s back to work in earnest with the commencement of rehearsals for our March production of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ directed by Glenn Cameron. Read more

Absurd Person Singular Opens!

Repertory’s latest production, Absurd Person Singular opened to a very appreciative audience on Friday evening and a great time was had by all, cast and audience alike. As with any production, the first performance in front of an audience is always a bit of a nerve-wracking affair, but the cast and crew more than rose to the challenge and presented a slick and polished show. Read more

A Play is Cast!

We held auditions for ‘Absurd Person Singular’ on Sunday, and what a terrific turnout there was – many thanks to all those who came along. There’s always a real buzz in the air on any audition day, and this one was no exception with fourteen auditionees turning up for the six roles on offer – so we were really spoilt for choice! Read more

Another busy year ahead for Repertory!

Repertory is thrilled to announce that our most recent production, ‘Are You Being Served?’, broke all box office records and was the most successful production we’ve had for many years, with most of the performances sold out in advance – well done to Glenn Cameron and his team! Read more

Countdown to Opening Night

The pressure’s on and the clock is ticking – the upcoming run of our latest production is fast approaching and it’s all systems go to ensure everything comes together like a well-oiled machine for opening night. ‘Are You Being Served?’ opens this Friday with a gala performance and promises to be another quality show at Repertory Theatre. Read more

Blithe Spirit underway

A huge congratulations to the cast and crew of Blithe Spirit which opened on Friday evening at Repertory. As with any production there were some last minute jobs to do – the final dab of paint went on the set about five minutes before the audience were let in (but the paint was dry by the time the lights came up on the opening scene, thank goodness!) Read more

Hard work continues…

The theatre has been busy with one production rolling on from the other lately, and its a bit of a rush to gather ourselves together and start fresh, it does keep us on our toes though. There is a flurry of cleaning, set breakdown and reset, prop gathering, wardrobe organization, lighting rigs, production management and of course the auditions to the final night with all that entails. It creates a busy atmosphere that all comes together in a very practiced way, with some breath holding moments, but its all great fun. Its amazing how much talent is attached to the Rep, and no matter what is needed from acting to directing and backstage, the right people are either on board or can be found. Read more

Auditions Ahead for Coward Classic

It’s all go at Rep again with the final rehearsals well underway for ‘The Stars Go Down’ written by Joan Rosier-Jones, and directed by Kerry Girdwood, which will play September 13th and 15th at 7pm. This thrilling literary event is being staged as part of the Whanganui Literary Festival – tickets only $5 each (door sales only). Our next major presentation will be the end of year production, the classic comedy ‘Blithe Spirit’ by Noel Coward. Read more

Final Performance

All the hard work has certainly paid off with final night of Habeas Corpus playing to a large and appreciative audience. It has been a brilliantly fun show to be involved in and I must thank Repertory for agreeing to produce this play and allowing me to direct it. The cast certainly seemed to enjoy all eight shows with the final fast-paced performance topping off the season perfectly – well done to all involved! A personal thanks too to Talia Annear-Kjoss who has been a terrifically supportive and helpful assistant director on this show. Read more

Opening Night

Habeas Corpus opened with a real bang on Friday night with a great turnout and fabulous audience response. Many thanks to all who helped out both front of house and backstage to ensure this production got off to such a great start. I have been very fortunate to have such a terrific cast and accomplished musical director Ron Chapman who’ve all put in an amazing amount of work to get this show up and running. Read more

Countdown to opening night…

The pressure is really on for the cast and crew of Habeas Corpus with opening night just over a week away. We had a really long day rehearsing Sunday and thanks to Mel Hawkins, our trusty choreographer, the dance routines have now been set – and they look great! Singing rehearsals are also well underway with stalwart Musical Director Ron Chapman at the helm, and things are coming together very nicely. Read more

It’s all happening at Repertory!

Another busy weekend at Repertory with set construction well underway for Habeas Corpus and a start has also been made on the lighting design. A big thanks to Repertory stalwart Murray Ware who has once again come on board to cast his expert eye over the lighting and sound. The lighting will prove to be quite a challenge on this production with quite a few cues (involving footlights, specials, and even a mirror ball!), but Murray always delivers and this production will be no exception. Read more

Classic Farce comes to Repertory

It’s terrific that Repertory has a brand new committee (headed by president, Max Restieaux)  with eleven enthusiastic committee members all eager to push ahead with an exciting programme of plays and other events taking us to the end of the year (and beyond). We have a great play by local writer Joan Rosier Jones lined up for the Literary Festival in September followed by a wonderful song-and-dance show by Peter Hall in October, but first up on the agenda is a well-deserved revival of a classic comedy Habeas Corpus. Read more