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Are you good with different voices and characters, or at mimicking sounds? Perhaps you’re older now and miss the stage but can’t remember lines. 

Maybe you’re good at non-verbal roles or mime. 

There will be controlled chaos and a heap of fun as we bring a radio story to life, with some unexpected action ‘behind the scenes’.

We need a minimum of 2 women and 3 men but hoping for more. We will be reading the script, so no lines to learn, just cues to remember!

Vintage Hitchcock—a Live Radio Play

Directed by Polly Pyefinch - playing in May


Auditions are to be held:

2-3 pm Saturday 16th March and 6.30-7.30 pm Thursday 21st, or come to both.

No individual auditions, we’ll be reading it together to see where we fit.

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