We are a group of enthusiasts from a wide range of backgrounds and interests but all passionate about theatre.

Following on a long history of excellent amateur theatre by many committed, excellent and hard working over the decades, we are striving to bring the best productions possible for the enjoyment of our Whanganui and extended audience.

Any and all are welcome to become involved, while you may feel that the stage is not the place for you there is still plenty of other ways anyone's skills, experience and talents can be utilised. Whether it be in Play Reading and critique, Front of House, Back Stage, Set Construction, Costumes and Props, Directing, Acting, Sound & Lighting or Committee work

Current Committee

​April Pearson - Play Reading Group Facilitator

Brie Parkinson - Youth Drama Facilitator

Chris Stedman

Nadine Rayner - Rep Talk for Mid Week

Reid Tucker



Bev Pearce


Ted Charlton


Cathy Gribble


Justin Mulligan

  © 2019 Wanganui Repertory Theatre - FLYING KIWI

  © 2019 Wanganui Repertory Theatre - FLYING KIWI

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