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Father and Digby Begorrah - Chris McKenzie and Patrick McKenna

Sheila and Seamus.jpg

Sheila and Seamus together again - Cathy Gribble and Andrew Tagoai


Glenn Cameron with his special friend Rupert.

Dee Brough, Reuben Janes and MK Taylor

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Jessica Allan (Molly Morgan), Cathy Gribble (Sheila Shenanigan), Russell Penton (Hedley Planter) and Helen Smith (Bridget O’Casey)

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Patrick McKenna (Digby Gorrah) and Russell Penton (Hedley Planter)

Two Irish Colleens, Jessica Allen and Helen Smith.


M.K. Taylor as Paddy Vulgarity


Chris McKenzie as Father Murphy

Photographers: Maeve Weekly, Russell Penton and Reuben Janes.